Fatherhood Facts

A Father ...

... is  not the God of the house, he knows how and when to stand down. 

... knows that you can always look to The Father as a mentor ... He will show you the way. 

... doesn't use his upbringing as an excuse as to why he isn't a good father.  

... learns always from what is done, what was done, what wasn't done, and what could've been done. 

... isn't afraid to shed a tear, it doesn't make you less of a man, it makes you more of a human and let's others know that they can count on you in a time of emotional need. 

... teaches and leads by example and non-example. 

... doesn't just plant the seed, he is fruitful by nurturing and cultivating the seeds as well. 

Are you a father?

I am!!!

Happy Father's Day Folks